Research at Sightsavers

Our in-house experts carry out extensive research to ensure Sightsavers’ programmes are robust, efficient and effective.

Health care worker Ajoke supports patients with female genital schistosomiasis.

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A researcher makes notes during a data collection survey on onchocerciasis.

Studies and publications

We run research studies worldwide to generate evidence for our programmes, and we contribute to the global knowledge base by publishing our results in peer-reviewed journals.
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Lenses used during an eye exam.

RAAB surveys

Rapid assessments of avoidable blindness (RAABs) help us understand the scale and cause of visual impairment in a country or region, so we can target our eye health programmes effectively.
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Kalpana gets her eyes tested in the Sundarbans.

Evidence gap maps

Evidence gap maps are a helpful visual tool to present available evidence and highlight gaps for future research, which can be used by academics, research institutions and policymakers.
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A older man sits in a waiting room alongside other people who have bandages on their eyes after receiving surgery.

In-house research that’s making a difference

The goal of our research is to generate evidence that our programme teams can use to improve lives around the world. Sightsavers’ research strategy aims to integrate research into programmes at every stage, from design to implementation.

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