Ghana Somubi Dwumadie: disability stigma reduction intervention study

Main objectives

This study aimed to explore how Ghana Somubi Dwumadie interventions have been designed, delivered and monitored. It also aimed to identify what went well and what could have been improved in the implementation of a programme to address disability and mental health stigma reduction.


Ghana Somubi Dwumadie is a four-year disability programme with a specific focus on mental health. One of the output areas was ‘Reducing stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities, including people with mental health conditions’, implemented primarily through its grants programme, which consisted of grants for social behaviour change interventions and grants for advocacy interventions.

This study is designed by Sightsavers and Tropical Health in collaboration with Ghana Somubi Dwumadie consortium partners and stakeholders in Ghana. It aims to fill an identified research gap both within Ghana and also the global disability sector, on what works and what is acceptable for people with disabilities and other stakeholders in the design, delivery and monitoring of interventions that aim to reduce disability and mental health stigma. This participatory research involves a variety of disability and mental health actors in Ghana, and will therefore be extremely relevant for Ghanaian stakeholders.

How will the results be useful for Sightsavers and/or others?

This study fills the gap in intervention studies evaluating the effectiveness of mental health and/or disability interventions within the local context. It will look more broadly at participation for all stakeholders, but with particular attention to the value of a user-led approach, which is defined by the programme as meaning when it is guided by the needs and priorities of the people with disabilities and/or mental health conditions.

Policy and practice implications

The study aims to provide recommendations about what works in the Ghanaian context and what can be replicated. It also aims to develop the findings into a policy brief for government stakeholders, a learning brief used for wider dissemination of the findings and a peer-reviewed publication for use within the disability sector.

Study details
Start date
12 January 2022
Finish date
30 September 2023
Main contact
Sapana Basnet
Senior Research Associate
Cathy Stephen
Global Technical Lead, Social Behaviour Change
  • Ghana Somubi Dwumadie
  • Tropical Health
  • Sightsavers