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Evaluation of mass drug administration (MDA) restart in the context of COVID-19 in Kwara and Kano, Nigeria

Status: In progress

Main Objectives

  • To gain insight into programme challenges with adherence to new guidance and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • To understand barriers and challenges among community directed distributors (CDDs) in the implementation of revised SOPs, including issues with enhanced CDD training
  • To understand the community’s perspective as it relates to the adapted MDA campaign in the COVID-19 context
  • To assess difference in implementation costs for adapted MDA approach
  • To identify areas for continuous improvement in multiple country contexts


This research is part of a multi-country study (Nigeria and Liberia) providing an evaluation of adherence by field teams to the COVID-19 related SOPs established to support MDAs for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). The component in Nigeria is supported by Sightsavers.

The results will provide novel insight into:

  • Whether MDA can resume and achieve the same performance while minimizing risk of COVID-19 transmission by adhering to SOPs
  • Whether local teams can easily implement the recommended modifications to MDAs; what the added cost is; and how the above vary by context
  • What aspects of local context influence implementation of SOPs

Bringing perspectives from CDDs, community leaders and community members will help identify areas for continuous improvement in the content, training, and/or communication of the SOPs themselves or programme related issues.

Understanding whether the community feels safe with the revised guidelines or if they feel additional precautions are necessary is paramount to achieving high levels of coverage and uptake.

Main Contact

Luret Lar
Research Manager, COUNTDOWN
[email protected]


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Federal Ministry of Health (MOH), Nigeria
Kwara state MOH
Kano state MOH
Task Force for Global Health – Neglected Tropical Diseases Support Centre



February 2021 – July 2021

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