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A population-based trachoma prevalence survey covering seven districts of Sangha and Likouala Departments, Republic of the Congo

This study undertaken in 2015 was carried out to estimate the prevalence of trachoma and access to water and sanitation in seven suspected-trachoma-endemic districts in northern Congo, and thereby determine whether trachoma is a public health problem requiring intervention. The study considered the seven districts as a single evaluation unit, and used the standardised methodologies of the Global Trachoma Mapping Project.

The results concluded that trachoma is not a public health problem in this part of Congo. No examined individual had trichiasis and the age-adjusted prevalence of trachomatous inflammation—follicular (TF) was only 2.5% (less than the <5% WHO TF elimination threshold). The WASH component of the survey concluded that access to water and sanitation is inadequate in this part of Congo.

A female researcher uses a mobile phone to survey a community for trachoma in Sierra Leone.
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Ophthalmic Epidemiology
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