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Estimating assistive product need in Cameroon and India: results of population‐based surveys and comparison of self‐report and clinical impairment assessment approaches

This study presents the results of two large population-based surveys in India and Cameroon to estimate population need and coverage for distance glasses, hearing aids and wheelchairs.

There was high need and low coverage of the three assistive products, the highest need being for distance glasses (3.7% in Cameroon) and the lowest for wheelchairs (0.1% in both settings). Coverage was below 40%, except for distance glasses in India (87%).

These results provide insight into the unmet need in these two settings. The highlighted methodological shortcomings also show that survey methods that are better adapted to people with disabilities are urgently needed.

Monimala smiles while wearing glasses during an eye exam in the Sundarbans.
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Eye health, Social inclusion
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Tropical Medicine & International Health
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