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Evidence on cataract in low and middle-income countries: an updated review of reviews using the evidence gap maps approach

In 2014, Sightsavers developed the first evidence gap map (EGM) to assess the extent and quality of review level evidence on cataract relevant to low-and middle-income countries. This paper reports the update of the EGM and changes to the extent and quality of the evidence base.

We updated the EGM using the exact process conducted to develop the original. Forty-six new reviews were identified, and the EGM now includes 98 reviews. The new reviews predominantly focus on treatment and risk factors. The overall methodological quality was found to be improved, with 13/46 reporting high confidence in findings.

EGMs remain a useful tool for policy-makers to make informed decisions, and periodic updates are important to assess changes and to refine the focus for future research. The EGM highlights significant disparity in the topics addressed by reviews, with health system interventions particularly neglected.

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