Diabetic retinopathy awareness and practices in a low-income suburban population in Karachi, Pakistan


This study presents observations about knowledge, attitude and practices of people with diabetes living in Chanesar Goth, a suburban area of Karachi.

Data were collected by trained lady health workers during their home visits of the families. The sample consisted of 59 (31.6%) males and 128 (68.4%) females. The mean age of males and females was 56 years and 49 years, respectively. The mean duration of diabetes for females and males was 6.8 years and 8.34 years, respectively. Frequency of correct answers to question about treatment of diabetes-related eye disease was relatively low (24% male, 20% female).

Only half of the patients had a firm belief that diabetes is preventable and about one-third had belief that diabetes is treatable. Our analysis shows that educational interventions should focus on inculcating positive attitudes and firm belief in the importance of self-care.

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11 December 2017
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