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Epidemiology of trachoma and its implications for implementing the “SAFE” strategy in Somali Region, Ethiopia: results of 14 population-based prevalence surveys

The purpose of this study undertaken in 2013, was to determine whether the prevalence of trachoma in Ethiopia’s Somali Region is a public health problem requiring intervention. Cross-sectional community-based surveys were conducted in 34 suspected trachoma-endemic woredas, grouped as 14 evaluation units (EUs), using the standardised mapping methodology of the Global Trachoma Mapping Project.

The results concluded that mass drug administration with azithromycin is needed in 13 EUs. In all 13 of these EUs, implementation of facial cleanliness and environmental improvement measures is also needed. The prevalence of TT was above the WHO elimination threshold of 0.2% in 10 EUs. Surveys are still needed in the remaining 34 unmapped woredas of Somali Region.

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Ophthalmic Epidemiology
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