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How can the neglected tropical disease community be inclusive and equitable in programme delivery? Reaching refugees and internally displaced persons through integrating a ‘leave no one behind’ approach

The principle of ‘leave no one behind’ is a pivotal approach to improving coverage and equity within NTD programme activities. Displaced populations are an at-risk group who are often excluded from treatment and services due to their mobility and marginalisation.

This article reflects on the experiences of two countries within the Ascend programme which responded to the need to strategise and implement approaches that lead to more inclusive and accessible programme activities for displaced populations.

Looking ahead, ‘leave no one behind’ approaches are needed to move closer towards the NTD elimination agenda and to ensure effective coverage thresholds are met.

This article is part of a special supplement in International Health focusing on the Ascend neglected tropical disease programme in West and Central Africa. You can access the other articles in the supplement on the International Health website.

Ophthalmic nurseSuraju screens community members' eyes for trachoma.
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