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‘Let’s Grow Together’: Understanding the Current Provision of Early Childhood Development and Education for Children with Disabilities in Rural Malawi through Community-based Participatory Research

This paper reports on a study that explored the provision of early childhood development and inclusive education for children with disabilities in rural Malawi. It focuses on the experiences and perceptions of parents and volunteer caregivers of children with disabilities, drawing on a community-based participatory research design. Forty caregivers and parents of children with disabilities attending ten Community Based Care Centres (CBCCS) in Southern Malawi were interviewed.

Five key components are highlighted: 1) relevance of peer interactions for learning outcomes and wellbeing; 2) the importance of the CBCC as (a model for) a safe space against discrimination; 3) relevance of quality education and pre-school teacher training; 4) necessity of material support to decrease absenteeism; 5) the need for greater community and state support for children with disabilities.

A group of children sit together in a classroom.
Journal article
Inclusive education
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International Journal of Disability, Development and Education
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