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Ongoing transmission of human onchocerciasis in the Massangam health district in the West Region of Cameroon: better understanding transmission dynamics to inform changes in programmatic interventions

This study aimed to understand the transmission dynamics of ‘Onchocerca volvulus’ in Massangam HD, Cameroon (an area not on track to reach elimination targets) through the identification of black fly (‘Simulium damnosum’) breeding sites, parasitological and entomological studies. The study defined an approximate 12 km area of high transmission, facilitated by perennial productive black fly breeding sites in the Nja and Mbam rivers.

To accelerate elimination efforts, we advocate for a new test and treat strategy (with a drug that kills the adult ‘O. volvulus’ worm living in humans) and larviciding of the breeding sites of the black fly as two key strategies.

A close-up of man's hands examining grass for black flies which spread river blindness.
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PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
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