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Progress of Trachoma Mapping in Mainland Tanzania: Results of Baseline Surveys from 2012 to 2014

This paper reports on results of baseline trachoma prevalence surveys undertaken in 31 districts of mainland Tanzania in 2012–2014. In 2012 and 2013, 12 at-risk districts were selected based on proximity to known trachoma endemic districts, while in 2014, trachoma rapid assessments were undertaken, and 19 of 55 districts prioritized for baseline surveys. A multi-stage cluster random sampling methodology was applied whereby 20 villages and 36 households per cluster were surveyed in each district. Only three districts had a prevalence of trachomatous inflammation – follicular (TF) in 1–9- year-olds over the threshold at which WHO recommends mass distribution of azithromycin together with implementation of facial cleanliness and environmental improvement. By contrast, trichiasis was found to be a public health problem in many districts (20) – therein calling for support for community-based trichiasis surgery.

A young girl gets her eyes checked by a health worker
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Ophthalmic Epidemiological
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