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The development and roll-out of a new hydrocoele surgery facility assessment tool for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis

This paper documents the development, piloting and roll-out of a hydrocele surgery facility assessment tool (HSFAT) for lymphatic filariasis (LF) programmes.

The assessment tool aims to: 1) assess their readiness to deliver hydrocele services at the WHO minimum standard of care – as described within the WHO LF elimination dossier; 2) identify health system strengthening and capacity building requirements; 3) develop a quality improvement plan.

Results are presented from the initial pilot in Bangladesh, Malawi and Nepal, and the subsequent rollout of version 2 across six countries that were part of the Ascend West and Central Africa programme.

This article is part of a special supplement in International Health focusing on the Ascend neglected tropical disease programme in West and Central Africa. You can access the other articles in the supplement on the International Health website.

Medical staff perform surgery for hydrocele in an operating theatre.
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