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Accuracy of school-based vision screening by teachers in Pakistan: a qualitative study

Status: Recently completed

Main Objectives

  • To explore the knowledge and competencies of teachers in carrying out visual acuity testing
  • To investigate how visual acuity testing practices were applied
  • To determine teachers’ motivations and attitudes towards carrying out school-based visual acuity testing


Although the school-based vision screening programme was well received and supported by the schools and health providers, a number of factors undermined the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme. They were: limited time allocated for training and practice; limited supervision and the lack of refresher training; trainers insufficiently experienced in training non-health staff; and teachers involved had many other responsibilities and could not allocate sufficient time to conduct the activity properly.

Main Contact

Stevens Bechange
Senior Research Adviser
[email protected]


Layton Rehmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) Eye Hospital


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12 months

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