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Assessing the Presence of Wuchereria bancrofti Infections in Vectors Using Xenomonitoring in Lymphatic Filariasis Endemic Districts in Ghana

Mass drug administration (MDA) is the current mainstay to interrupt the transmission of lymphatic filariasis. To monitor whether MDA is effective and transmission of lymphatic filariasis indeed has been interrupted, rigorous surveillance is required. Assessment of transmission by programme managers is usually done via serology. New research suggests that xenomonitoring, which detects infection in vectors,could serve as a complementary diagnostic tool to serology. The purpose of this study in Ghana was to evaluate lymphatic filariasis transmission in vectors using dissection and molecular xenomonitoring as diagnostic tools. The results complement existing information on W. bancrofti infections in vector mosquitoes, and provide additional evidence on the feasibility of using xenomonitoring for M&E and surveillance activities post-MDA.

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Trop Med Infect Dis
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